San Jose Serial Cat Killer Sentenced to 16 Years in County Jail

San Jose Serial Cat Killer Sentenced to 16 Years in County Jail

San Jose Serial Cat Killer Sentenced to 16 Years in County Jail

On it informs edition USA Today.

A serial cat killer was sentenced Friday to 16 years in county jail for stealing, torturing and killing more than a dozen cats in San Jose's Cambrian Park area.

The freakish saga unfolded in September 2015 when cats began mysteriously disappearing from the Cambrian Park neighborhood in San Jose. To find the offender was a month after the first disappearance. Farmer was found on October 8, 2015, with a dead cat in his vehicle.

"Chunks of fur and streaks of blood covered the interior of Farmer's vehicle, where police also found a backpack with a pair of fur-covered gloves and a hunting knife in a sheath", the report said.

Feline slayer Farmer said it was "so hard to grasp" the fact he did these horrific crimes.

Cops finally nabbed Farmer when video footage caught him grabbing GoGo the tabby from a porch outfitted with security cameras.

In a statement read by his lawyer, Farmer claimed meth use caused his depraved behavior.

The conflicting accounts triggered a debate about whether Farmer should be required to register as a sex offender when someday released from prison.

Robert Roy Farmer pleaded guilty to brutalizing 21 cats that vanished from a community near San Jose two years ago.

Santa Clara Superior Court Judge Sharon A. Chatman also credited Farmer for twice the 646 days he served since his arrest.

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Alexandra Ellis dismissed the letter as an attempt to win leniency.

"He will still be young when he's released", one woman said. "She sentenced him to 16 years, we can only hope it is long enough", she said.

Animal lovers in the audience were pleased with Chatman's decision, including that she took pains to list every cat by name, from "Does" 1 through 11, to others including Angel, Gogo, Rayden, Thumper, Jupiter, Traveler and Tiger.

"Robert Farmer is a monster", Petrova said. The conditions include staying away from Cambrian Park, not owning or caring for any animals for at least 10 years and undergoing mandatory psychological treatment.

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