HTC U11 Becomes an 'Alexa Phone'

HTC U11 Becomes an 'Alexa Phone'

HTC U11 Becomes an 'Alexa Phone'

Theoretically, if you have the Amazon Alexa app installed, as well as an up-to-date version of Edge Sense, it should be easy enough to set up.

The U11's Alexa feature is available from the Google Play Store for devices in the United States starting today and will come to the United Kingdom and Germany later this summer. The company's Amazon's Echo and Alexa Assistant are expected to play a major role in that endeavour. It's free, of course.

This particular update brings the HTC phone Alexa plus a new visual feedback style. The alleged act also raised an important question: Do you really want to live in a world where Alexa listens to your conversations, and calls the cops if she thinks things are getting out of hand?

Users can ask Alexa what the weather is, quickly access Amazon Music or Audible, and even control the smart devices in your living space. Oh, it doesn't do reminders yet either. In case you can't wake Alexa vocally, you can always squeeze your handset and make use of the Edge Sense feature of the U11 to access the AI assistant.

All said, however, the HTC U11 is a good evolution for Alexa on smartphones.

HTC Alexa
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Alexa on the HTC U11 certainly entertaining to use and - when available at any point instead of needing to open the app - it's a real contender for smartphone-based personal assistant king. With that in mind, the Cupertino, California, technology firm packed their home speaker with an array of seven tweeters - a great advantage over the Amazon Echo that has only one large tweeter.

The HTC U11 is available in a brilliant new solar red color is available unlocked through for $649 or you can lease one through Sprint for $29 a month over 18 months.

If you've been wanting to have Alexa with you at all times, just a voice command away, the U11 is the best way to get that experience right now. Long-pressing the U11's home button still launches Google Assistant, and as of now you can't actually remap that function to launching Alexa (though you can turn off Assistant there).

This is in stark contrast to Google Assistant, which will respond with images, links, text, and more, depending on what you ask it to do.

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