Prominent businessman dies in parasailing accident in Thailand

Prominent businessman dies in parasailing accident in Thailand

Prominent businessman dies in parasailing accident in Thailand

Beachgoers screamed and rushed to bring Mr Hussey ashore but he was having difficulty breathing and died later in hospital.

This incident attracted the authorities attention and it was observed that Parasailing, being important water sport in tourist destinations like Phuket is apparently done out of proper safety measures.

When asked about the accident, Hussey's wife, Boosabong Tongsanga, said that her husband has been watching people parasail for days before he chose to do it.

Mr Hussey was chief executive of an investment company and served on the boards of several government and community bodies including as deputy chairman of Landgate, Western Australia state's land information authority.

In 1993 he was appointed as chairman of Australia's biggest betting and gambling association, the TAB.

He was also the founder and CEO of Century Holdings Ltd, a company that he claims was worth upwards of $250 million.

The operators involved in the accident were charged with recklessness causing death.

Showing his novel in 1996
Showing his novel in 1996

According to his social media accounts, Mr Hussey was educated at the prestigious Oxford University where he completed a Masters' degree in Economics and Politics.

The two staff were named as the parasailor Rungroj Rakscheep, 38, and Montien Chandeng, 45, the boat captain. Rungroj - who was on the parasail with the man - said the Australian national pulled on a hook which unstrapped his harness instead of a rope to which he had to hold on.

In a written statement, Landgate said Hussey was intelligent and energetic. "He was seriously injured in the water and died later".

The incident is believed to have happened on the same beach where Aussie woman Emily Collie was killed in a jetski accident back in February.

"We thought it was safe", said Ms Tongsanga, who was watching from the beach as her husband fell.

The couple had been holidaying in northern Thailand's Chiang Mai before traveling to Phuket.

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