Former Woman Astronaut to Be the Next Candian Governor

Former Woman Astronaut to Be the Next Candian Governor

Former Woman Astronaut to Be the Next Candian Governor

Julie Payette, Canada's next governor general, has an interesting link to Sooke.

The 53-year-old francophone from Montreal will be Canada's first representative of the Queen from the science and tech sector, and aligns with the government's stated objective of promoting women in leadership.

Payette logged over 611 hours in space.

The appointment is by the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom, who remains Canada's head of state despite Canada's independence.

"It sounds kids of cliche, but it does put a modern spin on the role because you're able to have a different kind of person in that office".

"And I think just the fact that she's had that diversity of experience is something that's fantastic as well". She was the first Canadian to board the International Space Station, in 1999, and flew on space shuttles Endeavour and Discovery.

"It calls into question, I would say, the necessity of having the monarchy".

Trudeau defended the selection process, saying Payette won the job on merit.

She is fluently bilingual in English and French, and speaks four other languages.

Trudeau said Payette's pioneering work in space makes her "unquestionably qualified" for the office.

Johnston will have an audience with the Queen next week when he travels to the United Kingdom for Canada 150 events, marking the last time he meets with the monarch he represents.

The installation ceremony for Payette will take place in the fall. "I expected a lot of her in the early days, and I expect a lot from her now". She made her second trip in June 2009 after a seven-year stint as Canada's chief astronaut.

"Anything she sets her mind, she will achieve it", said Kumar of Payette. "You get to see a lot of wonderful details", she said.

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