San Francisco Skateboarder Slams Into Cop Car

San Francisco Skateboarder Slams Into Cop Car

San Francisco Skateboarder Slams Into Cop Car

"An informal skateboarding competition turned disruptive and confrontational Tuesday night at Dolores Park in San Francisco when police rushed in to break up the show and a crowd of almost 400 faced off with them".

One woman wrote on Twitter: "Skateboard comp becomes standoff between hundreds of skaters and hundreds of police at Dolores park". Their informal competition got out of hand and the police were called to the scene where, according the San Francisco Chronicle, they met a crowd of almost 400.

Tensions rose after a rider collided with a police vehicle, and some observers said an officer deliberately got in his way.

Police said an officer was attacked, but skateboarders said on Twitter that a skateboarder had been struck by a squad auto.

One officer was injured and two police cars damaged as hordes of furious fans threw objects during the showdown in Dolores Park on Tuesday. Police in riot gear say skaters were throwing things at them, and yelling at them. "I saw skateboarders going down the sidewalk and the street and they were just having fun, screaming hollering and laughing, cheering each other on", said witness Dina Boyer. At one point, a witness reported that a skateboarder ran into a parked police auto and that the window of another police vehicle had been broken.

A large fight broke out at some point, with multiple officers involved, so SFPD tried to clear the park, police said.

Mission Local reports that "some in the crowd began chanting "f**k the police" and acted aggressively, said witnesses".

Brother Damien Joseph of the San Damiano Friary said people called him outside when Thrasher magazine editor Jake Phelps smacked his head on the street.

That skateboarder also was treated for injuries, police said.

One competitor at the event was filmed suffering a severe fall. "We were trying to make the situation safer and to keep it from getting worse".

One video posted to social media appears to show an officer on foot bumping into one traveling skateboarder, causing the skateboarder to crash into a parked patrol auto.

"We literally shut down Dolores Street", said one 22-year-old skater from San Francisco, who gave his name only as Pete.

No arrests were made during the incident, Gatpandan says.

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