Paris will host the Olympic Games in 2024 or 2028

Paris will host the Olympic Games in 2024 or 2028

Paris will host the Olympic Games in 2024 or 2028

"The aim now is to discuss in particular the compensation paid to the city that will accept 2028, in particular for freezing of the sites originally planned for 2024", added the member of the IOC.

In the unlikely event of no agreement the 2024 host only would be elected from the two.

The International Olympic Committee has awarded two host cities the Summer Olympics.

Paris and LA are the only competitors left for 2024.

Bach said the decision would "ensure the stability of the Olympic Games for 11 years, [which] is really, in our world, something extraordinary".

Hosting a modern Olympics practically guarantees massive debt and cost overruns, and many cities have abandoned bids recently.

Rio de Janeiro's 2016 Games ran $1.6 billion over budget. "All summer and winter games that we've studied have shown cost overruns", wrote Bent Flyvbjerg, the lead researcher.

What was accepted this week was a "tripartite agreement" between the International Olympic Committee and the two candidate cities, with the hope that one of them will agree to postpone their staging of the Games to 2028.

Paris will have the Games, Los Angeles also: the two cities are provided to organize the olympics in 2024 or 2028, and must now agree on the order of assignment, after the decision Tuesday by the worldwide olympic committee (IOC). The decision would then be ratified in September.

The question every candidate city must answer is 'What do we leave behind after the games are over - not only for our city, but for the movement?

Any other cities applying for 2028 can instead concentrate on 2032. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo were both on stage with Bach during the vote in Lausanne Switzerland, as each expressed optimism that the cities can work out an agreement.

Speculation of a dual 2024-2028 Games announcement has been the dominant narrative of this Olympic bid cycle of attrition, which has seen Boston, Hamburg, Rome and Budapest all withdraw from contention amid local community concerns and political campaigns against the Games. Paris, the other city announced as a future Olympic host, will get whichever year is not given to Los Angeles.

Trump met in the Oval Office last month with Bach and "pledged his full support" for the Los Angeles bid, as the White House put it.

Asked when a 2024-2028 agreement could be sealed, Bach suggested: "If you ask me, I hope that in August we could be there". After all, the times in which candidate cities queued up for the chance to host the Olympic Games are over.

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