July Update for Xbox One Adds Custom Gamerpics, More

July Update for Xbox One Adds Custom Gamerpics, More

July Update for Xbox One Adds Custom Gamerpics, More

More details will come in the future. Additionally, up to three people can co-stream from their console using Microsoft's recently rebranded streaming service, Mixer.

There's also new support for single Xbox One controller sign-in, which will eliminate the confusing signing in and out process for anyone who shares a single Xbox One console.

Major Nelson from Microsoft has outlined what today's Xbox One update contains.

That's right! If you want to show your rabid love for all things Joshua Homme and Queens of the Stone Age like me, or want to share an awesome Bayonetta pic, you can now upload images straight to your Xbox profile. Plus, never miss your friends' streams inside your Club and Arena Tournaments.

The long-awaited change has been trialled by insiders since March and now custom images can be added within clubs and club backgrounds as well as Gamerpics. From your Club home page, you will now see a "Mixer" tab. It can be set up by going into the console's Settings, entering the Sign-in, security & passkey menu, and the choosing the "This controller signs in" and "Link controller" options. This way you can pick out a specific controller to sign you into one account every time. Killer Instinct fans can now create their own custom tournaments via Live's Club system, too.

This month's update also makes it easier to see who is competing - and winning - in Arena. Or, see all users now streaming from the tournament by going to the "Watch" tab in the tournament page.

Xbox FanFest will also be taking place for those that are attending the huge game event in person, starting off on Tuesday, August 22 and running through Saturday, August 26. Finally, the Xbox app on Android is getting a bonus feature this month with Chat Bubbles. When a new message arrives, a new chat bubble will appear on your phone, no matter what app or game you're now using.

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