Evangelical Leaders Lay Hands On Donald Trump In Group Prayer

Evangelical Leaders Lay Hands On Donald Trump In Group Prayer

Evangelical Leaders Lay Hands On Donald Trump In Group Prayer

"I prayed for God to lead them and for them to rely on the Lord for strength and for wisdom", he said. You should do it every day.

As evangelical researcher and writer Ed Stetzer noted, black pastors laid their hands and prayed over President Barack Obama, mainline Protestants do it, and it even happened, several times, with Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Howard-Browne, known for the "Holy Laughter Movement" and his claim of being a "Holy Ghost bartender", said that he had been asked by White, who reportedly serves as a spiritual advisor to the president, to pray over Trump. And the faith leader said that the group - after a "lighthearted visit among friends" - ended the meeting in prayer.

Some people criticized the Oval Office prayer, with author Michael Deibert simply replying "Separation of church and state..."

With no apparent sense of irony, President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended the "transparency" of his eldest son's decision to tweet a damning email thread-which legal experts have deemed a "smoking gun" that points to apparent collusion-just before it was exposed by a New York Times report.

He said numerous leaders there are hoping the White House will appoint someone to become an ambassador-at-large for global religious freedom, a position that was held by Rabbi David Saperstein until Trump took office. "One nation. Under god". "It was normal, what a lot of us pray when we pray for elected officials", he said.

Many of the Twitter responses were nasty or obscene.

But beyond the White House and far-right pundits, Don Jr.is being schooled on what it truly means to be "transparent".

"Sorry, but prayers aren't going to help these [m--f--rs]", tweeted Andrea Kuszewski.

"Yesterday was very surreal for @ahowardbrowne & I". 30 years ago we came from South Africa to America as missionaries.

Johnnie Moore, the president of the KAIROS Company who was present at the prayer meeting, snapped a photo of the laying of hands on Trump that is garnering enormous attention on social media.

The "National Day of Prayer" was "created in 1952 by a joint resolution of the U.S. Congress, and signed into law by President Harry S Truman", according to the National Day of Prayer Task Force, a private Christian group that encourages prayer and biblical righteousness. It would be ridiculous to think that's the only time you might do that - in the time of crisis. "This prompted three Presbyterian clergymen in July 1777 to warn of an impending shortage of Bibles and to petition the Continental Congress to underwrite a domestic printing of the Scriptures". American evangelicals are political animals, and they care more about advancing Republican orthodoxy than they care about preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Vice President Mike Pence was also in attendance and received prayer.

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