Mayweather Not Offended by McGregor's 'Boy' Comment But "Racism Still Exists"

Mayweather Not Offended by McGregor's 'Boy' Comment But

Mayweather Not Offended by McGregor's 'Boy' Comment But "Racism Still Exists"

McGregor, 28, has never boxed as an amateur or professional and has roundly been written off by experts who say he has no chance against Mayweather, but Kavanagh feels his man is already shaping up well.

The greatest cash-generating, made-for-TV show in the world. UFC's biggest mouth and boxing's box office legend took aim at the Budweiser Stage.

Once McGregor learned how the game was going to be played, like the championship fighter he's been throughout his career, he pivoted to a new course of attack while launching bombs at Mayweather throughout day two in Toronto.

Mayweather's thoughts on the matter were echoed by his father, Floyd Sr.

Watch the unmissable action from the press conference live on here.

Coverage of the NY press conference will begin at 5:30 p.m. ET.

But Mayweather insisted none of the heated verbal exchanges in Los Angeles on Tuesday and Toronto on Wednesday had caused him offence.

"How's this suit look?" he laughed.

The Irish mixed martial arts star stirred another controversy when he instructed Mayweather to "dance for me, boy!" during the LA tour. "Cutting their mics would go against the premise, which is to deliver these fighters to the masses and let Mayweather and McGregor take center stage".

In America, calling an African American a "boy" has racial connotations.

President Donald Trump won't be attending the superfight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor because he feels he could "ruin" the occasion, UFC President Dana White said. Twenty-eight years of age, I'm getting fight checks and promoter checks.

Mayweather, who is coming out of retirement to fight McGregor, had earlier said that he can not pay off his tax liability from 2015 until he fights the MMA star. What do you need a schoolbag for? "You can't even read", he said, prompting the crowd to erupt in laughter. The Ireland-born UFC champion as always started trash talking and every sentence of his contained the words "F" word.

"Fans all around the world demanded this fight", said Mayweather, expecting to earn more than $100 million for the August fight.

The next stop later today is NY.

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