Apple to pack iPhone 8 with a rear-facing 3D laser

Apple to pack iPhone 8 with a rear-facing 3D laser

Apple to pack iPhone 8 with a rear-facing 3D laser

Currently, ARKit uses the iPhone camera to picture and measure the real world. However, it is thought that the sensor's debut in an iPhone could slip to 2018 depending on what progress Apple's engineers make.

This adds more to the confusion related to the final elements to be seen on the iPhone 8 rear panel. The question is how long Apple can wait after the introduction of ARKit to get the laser into the iPhone. "The whole thing costs about $2 per phone", report MacRumors. VCSEL laser systems are specifically created to calculate the distance to an object and generate accurate measurements, and consist of the laser source along with a lens, sensor, and processor, but as sophisticated as the system sounds, sources suggest that it would only cost around $2 per iPhone to implement. The laser system is much faster and more accurate.

Essentially, the laser sends out beams of light that bounce off objects and help identify the depth of each object. Whereas for camera tech, the lens can better focus on a specific aspect of the filed of view.

Would an advanced AR system further entice you to buy the iPhone 8?

Throughout the last week, there have been several reports attesting to potential delays for the iPhone 8 and it's reportedly up in the air as to whether this 3D laser system will be ready in time for the device. Current iPhones use phase detection autofocus. This is a complicated process where your phone splits up incoming light into sets of images and compares them to determine where an object is, and how to focus on it. The differences in the colors are used to constantly improve the focus of the camera. For this advanced feature, the Cupertino giant has reportedly tapped Lumentum, Finisar and II-VI as its suppliers of the needed sensors.

The TOF sensor will come from STMicro, Infineon, or AMS, the source says.

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