American Airlines ends codeshare deals with Qatar, Etihad

American Airlines ends codeshare deals with Qatar, Etihad

American Airlines ends codeshare deals with Qatar, Etihad

Qatar Airways said it will go ahead with plans to buy a stake in American Airlines Inc even though the us carrier is ending their code-share agreement.

American confirmed Wednesday it had notified Etihad and Qatar of the codeshare terminations on June 29.

The cancellation of the agreements, which allow the airlines to sell tickets on one another's flights as if it were its own, comes amid a tense dispute between United States airlines and their Middle Eastern rivals over allegations of illegal subsidies.

Straight from Akbar Al Baker lips, he confirms what AFA has said all along: Qatar Airways thrives on misogyny and discrimination. The U.S. carriers say the subsidies have given the Gulf carriers an unfair advantage on global routes to the Middle East, India and Africa.

The decision "is an extension of our stance against illegal subsidies these carriers receive from their governments", it said.

He won't have been amused, either, by Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker's reported remarks earlier this week describing air hostesses on American carriers as "grandmothers".

"We are committed to the USA market and American consumers, and are taking all possible measures to ensure that the flying public is not harmed by this decision".

American Airlines and other dominant US aviation companies have accused Etihad, other consumer and business groups of relevant air transport agreements violations.

Qatar Airways did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Qatar Airways, American Airlines, IAG's British Airways, Iberia and LATAM are all members of the one world airline alliance.

The feud between American Airlines Group Inc and Qatar Airways Ltd keeps escalating.

Last week, Qatar Airways announced that it would start flights to Sohar in Oman and Prague from August.

Canoll added that "there will likely be no economic ramifications for his insults" because Qatar Airways is funded by the Qatar government, and doesn't have to compete in the free market like other airlines. The Gulf carriers deny the allegation.

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