Deutsche Bank Warns iPhone 8 Sales May Fall Well Short Of Expectations

Deutsche Bank Warns iPhone 8 Sales May Fall Well Short Of Expectations

Deutsche Bank Warns iPhone 8 Sales May Fall Well Short Of Expectations

And even if both of those features are disabled at launch, arguably the biggest feature of the iPhone 8 is seemingly in better shape, with the source saying that "in all likelihood" the fingerprint scanner would be built into the screen.

The iPhone 8, which may also be called the iPhone Pro or iPhone X, will likely be announced in September with a ship date some time in October or November.

One of those is wireless charging. The iPhone 8 is expected to include a 5.8-inch screen in a phone similar size to the 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

Per Hosseini, his "checks with contacts in Korea suggest Apple is now contemplating two options: (1) using software to resolve hardware challenges, (2) removing finger print option altogether".

The issue isn't the charging station, which is reportedly supplied by USA chipmaker Broadcom.

Wireless charging has been rumored for the iPhone 8, one fan imagines what it may look like in this rendering.

The BAML analysts cut their estimates by 11 million for shipments in the September quarter, which marks the end of Apple's fiscal year.

If true, that could mean the iPhone 8 will hit the market wireless charging-ready, with the feature enabled later, when the software is ready.

Back when the iPhone 7 Plus was released, Portrait Mode didn't work on the device until an update that came after the phone launched. While the source did not clarify exactly what the sensor will be used for, they did say that, again, software was the cause of the issues. Recent reports speculate that Apple might abandon the fingerprint reader in favor of facial recognition, using the depth-sensing front-facing camera on the handset.

Apple has faced challenges with component shortages and iPhone functions delayed by software issues in the past. Until then, users would have to rely on Touch ID for unlocking their device and authorizing payments. Still, Fast Company's sources say Apple is confident that it can deliver the feature in time for a launch this year. The iPhone 8 is said to be completely redesigned with an all-new design with an OLED screen that covers the entire face of the iPhone. However, there is now limited manufacturing capacity for OLED display panels. A report by Fortune suggests that the #Tech Company has plans to introduce an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display in its new #iPhone models. The report suggests that these are software issues and employees at the company are working around the clock to fix it.

Apple has faced declining revenues over the past several years, and the iPhone remains the company's best-selling brand.

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