President Trump's trip to the United Kingdom not happening in 2017

President Trump's trip to the United Kingdom not happening in 2017

President Trump's trip to the United Kingdom not happening in 2017

Protesters were planning to swing into action at short notice at Mr Trump's golf courses in Scotland after a Conservative aide fuelled speculation that the president might make a flying visit, saying: "There are now no plans for him to visit".

Prime Minister Theresa May invited the US president to Britain in January during their first meeting in Washington, when the two leaders hailed the beginning of a new "special relationship" between the countries.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer has said that Trump looks forward to visiting Britain but it will not be in the near future.

But asked about a Trump visit, a No 10 spokesman said: 'An invitation has been extended and accepted.

The comments led to calls for Mrs May to cancel any visit from Mr Trump, after she was accused of failing to directly criticised the president's comments.

Donald Trump's visit to the United Kingdom will go ahead, but not until next year. "We'll be ready for Trump and his unsafe, divisive politics next year", Nick Dearden, the director of Global Justice Now, told The Guardian.

The president said he did not want to come if there were large-scale protests.

Questions were also raised as to why Trump was invited so soon after taking office, the BBC notes, reminding that it was two-and-a-half years into his first term before his predecessor Barack Obama came to the United Kingdom for his state visit.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the Liberal Democrats' outgoing leader Tim Farron were among the influential politicians who voiced their opposition to Trump being afforded a full state visit.

The invitation was made by Prime Minister Theresa May in January.

Confirmation of Trump's visit had been expected in last month's Queen's Speech, in which the Queen set out her official plans for the year. The visit wasn't mentioned in the Queen's Speech because a date hasn't been fixed yet'.

Earlier this year, more than 1.8 million people signed a petition seeking to block the trip over fears that it would "cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen".

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