Man in ME outran two black bears on a 18-mile run

Man in ME outran two black bears on a 18-mile run

Man in ME outran two black bears on a 18-mile run

Moninda Marube, a 38-year-old student at the University of ME, told local media that he encountered two black bears on Wednesday while on an early-morning 18-mile training run.

Moninda Marube said when he saw the bears early Wednesday his instincts kicked in and he did what he does best: run.

Marube says he froze and engaged in a stare-down with the bears, and that he thought his only option was to run away.

So, Marube ran back toward the vacant house and managed to get inside the porch. The bears sniffed around but did not try to break through the mesh, he said, before they left him to go about his day.

Marube told the Journal that the bears charged him as soon as he turned his back to them to run.

Wildlife experts say you can't outrun a bear so they advise you to stand your ground, yell and scream, and wave your arms. "Those theories, at that time, I wasn't even thinking about them", said Maruma. While in the woods, hikers and runners should be aware of their surroundings and, if possible, travel in groups and keep dogs on a leash. When coming across a bear in the woods, authorities say not to approach it but instead to back away quietly and leave the area. Finding refuge inside a screen porch, Marube waited and hoped the bears didn't realize they could easily tear through the screen.

Fortunately, running is Mr Marube's speciality, having finished third in the 2012 Maine Marathon and first in the 2013 Maine half-marathon.

"I can not say it's my feet that saved me", he told local television station WCSH. "The only solution I had at that time was to be able to run". "I don't fear lions", he said.

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