Inmate captured after using drone to escape from prison

Inmate captured after using drone to escape from prison

Inmate captured after using drone to escape from prison

Authorities say Jimmy Causey may have utilized wire cutters dropped from a drone as well as smuggled cellphones, guns and almost $50,000 in his latest escape, which went unnoticed for 18 hours and lasted two days before his capture Friday.

Jimmy Causey, 46, used wire cutters that likely were dropped onto prison grounds from a drone, said Bryan Stirling, director of the S.C. Department of Corrections, during a news conference on Friday to provide details of the manhunt.

Causey must have had help from others to make his escape, Stirling said. However, he says the main problem was the use of cell phones and drones, something he and other officials have been asking the federal government for help on for years.

"Well-planned escapes like this will continue to happen", as long as prisoners can use contraband cellphones, he said.

"No longer are people stopped from continuing their criminal ways from behind bars".

It's the second instance Causey has used a dummy to escape prison. His escape was not discovered until Wednesday. Stirling said. "Call your representatives". By the time prison officials realized Causey was missing, he'd already been gone for almost a full day.

With Causey in custody, authorities say they plan to find the person or persons who assisted him.

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"We hope that this lawsuit will cause them to take ownership of their mistakes, fix their broken system and help prevent additional sexual assaults".

At approximately 1 a.m., one of those leads pointed law enforcement officials toward Austin and SLED notified Texas Rangers. "There was no resistance". I will tell you that he was armed with a bunch of semi -automatic pistols and a pumped shotgun. The tools, along with a smuggled cell phone, firearms, and a minimum of $47,000 in cash, were used. They are now being tracking down, in order to be brought to justice.

Keel also echoed Stirling's call for a legal ban for cell phone signals inside prisons.

A prison employee has been fired in connection with the escape of an inmate from a maximum-security SC prison. The inmate wasn't noticed missing for 18 hours, prison officials said Friday. WCSC reported that Swirling and his family were held at gunpoint and tied up with duct tape. Richland County investigators believed at the time Swirling was targeted because Causey and his accomplice believed him to have large sums of money.

He and another inmate escaped from the Broad River Correctional Institution in 2005. They were arrested three days later.

SC prison officials don't do enough to try to stop sexual assaults behind bars, three inmates say in a lawsuit.

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