John Morgan files lawsuit over smoking ban in medical marijuana law

John Morgan files lawsuit over smoking ban in medical marijuana law

John Morgan files lawsuit over smoking ban in medical marijuana law

Morgan discussed details of the lawsuit during a news conference has been scheduled in front of the Leon County Courthouse in Tallahassee.

But the law signed by Republican Gov. Rick Scott last month bans smokable forms of marijuana. The law only allows forms suitable for vaping and ingestion.

She, like many other voters, was surprised to learn lawmakers passed a bill that does not allow for smoking, arguing smoking could be cheaper. Medical cannabis advocates have argued this limits the way patients can consume the medication, and that doctors, not legislators, should decide what type of medical cannabis is right for patients' treatment. "All the people that have announced are doing things that I would hate to be doing - which would be having coffee clutches, and bull-shitting people, and telling everybody what they want to hear no matter what the position is in the clutch and raising money".

November of 2016 was a turning point for medical marijuana in Florida, with 71% of voters saying they would be okay with it for severe illnesses.

The 2017 Legislative Session ended without a bill to implement the state's medical marijuana constitutional amendment.

"If Ray Rodrigues is so concerned about smoking then why doesn't he tax cigarettes at $5 a pack?" said Morgan. "If that's what John Morgan wanted for Florida, he should have declared it in the amendment", Rodrigues told The News Service of Florida on Thursday.

Plaintiffs will be added to the lawsuit, according to Morgan, who are smoking medical marijuana because these patients claim that smoking is the only effective method for them to get relief intended from the use of medical marijuana. Prescription opioids cause thousands of deaths every year but in states that have legalized medical marijuana, opioid related hospital visits are down by 23 percent.

If the court agrees and strikes down the law, it'd be up to the Florida Department of Health to put rules and regulations for the amendment in place.

He said that he has hired former House speaker and constitutional law expert Jon Mills at Boies Shiller to draft the constitutional amendment he is backing for the 2020 ballot to raise Florida's minimum wage.

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