Charlie Gard's Case To Be Reconsidered By Court

Charlie Gard's Case To Be Reconsidered By Court

Charlie Gard's Case To Be Reconsidered By Court

An unnamed USA hospital today offered to treat 10-month-old terminally ill Charlie Gard for free, after President Donald Trump said he would be "delighted" to help the baby and his parents Chris Gard and Connie Yates.

Charlie, born last August, has been hospitalized since October for mitochondrial depletion syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes him to have seizures and rely on a respirator to breathe.

The huge popular pushback against bioethical aggression in the Charlie Gard case - parents told their baby WILL be taken off life support, and NO, they CAN'T obtain another doctor or hospital - seems to be bearing fruit.

Both President Trump and Pope Francis showed support for Charlie Gard and brought worldwide attention to the family's legal battle this week.

The London hospital caring for 11-month-old Charlie Gard has requested a new hearing to consider "fresh evidence" about a possible treatment for his rare condition. They have raised over £1 million to pay for their son to receive experimental treatment in the United States.

The hospital is now bound by the ruling of the High Court which expressly forbids it from transferring Charlie anywhere for the suggested experimental treatment, nucleoside therapy. Yet, in spite of all this, the courts have thus far continued to deny Baby Charlie the right to life and his parents the right to help their baby son.

But the Pope has now stepped in, offering Charlie treatment at the Vatican's own children's hospital in Rome.

But Yates said five doctors told her the treatment could help Charlie.

However they lost their case in British courts and the European Court of Human Rights. Who should decide what's in the best interest of Charlie?

Charlie's parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, raised £1.3m on a crowdfunding site to pay for experimental nucleoside therapy in the United States.

Yates said she and Charlie's father, however, received hope from Trump's message. They commented on the case and pleaded with the parents to make the right decision for their baby, who is fighting for his life.

They "respectfully advocated" that in light of what they called "important new information" from unpublished lab tests on mice, which found improvements when the drug was injected into the central nervous system, GOSH should reconsider Charlie's treatment. It also said Enoc had talked with Charlie's mother.

Previously, the High Court said it was unlikely a U.S. doctor offering to treat Charlie would be able to cure him. When you've seen him in the flesh you'd know, you will have no doubts.

She said: "It does give us a hope definitely, because there was no hope left".

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