Amazon Prime Members Spend More on the Site

Amazon Prime Members Spend More on the Site

Amazon Prime Members Spend More on the Site

But businesses can now extend their Prime membership to their Amazon Business accounts.

Amazon's annual mega sale - Prime Day - is a few days away and some big deals are already announced.

The online giant has added exclusive deals related to its Prime Now service to its Prime Day shopping extravaganza - a move that will get qualifying purchases to members within two hours. The "Friendi" app is now in limited testing, but it is designed for those with autism and down syndrome.

Honestly, you really shouldn't need an excuse like a made-up Amazon day to sign up for a Prime membership. Given the huge interest and sales generated last year, the company has made a decision to extend the promotion period by 25% over the last year to 30 hours. According to their data, the latest figure is up 35% from 63 million previous year, and membership has doubled from just over 40 million back in 2015.

Why is Prime Day important to Inc?

"Quarterly growth measured as a percentage continues to slow down, which makes sense as the base of Prime members grew and penetration of the Amazon US customer base continues". I'll have the master list of the best Prime Day deals. It is the browsing act that I find most satisfying since, if we're being honest here, numerous deals are for off-brand products (you won't find Apple in there) or gear, gadgets and doo-dads we'll never use and really don't need.

Once again the cheapest deals are likely to be on Amazon's own gear. Alexa shoppers also can get Prime Day prices two hours before other Amazon customers. According to Amazon, first quarter revenue from Amazon Prime subscription fee rose 49% to $1.9 billion compared to the same period a year earlier. There are special Alexa-only deals that you'll have access to called Alexa Prime Day voice shopping deals. Since Amazon first debuted, it's been known as an online retailer. According to a report on eMarketer, US Prime members on average make 3.5 orders per month, nearly 60% higher than 2.2 orders per month by non-Prime members.

Deals are Everywhere - Prime members can shop deals on all devices, across all categories, in all Prime countries.

Lightbulbs in particular are going on super sale, meaning you can stock up on long-lasting bulbs like this 6-pack of 60-watt soft white LED bulb, which will be discounted 25%.

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