Sheriff Clarke withdraws name from consideration for DHS position

Sheriff Clarke withdraws name from consideration for DHS position

Sheriff Clarke withdraws name from consideration for DHS position

Clarke conservative radio host Vicki McKenna during an interview last month that he had accepted the role of deputy secretary of Homeland Security.

Clarke was expected to start the role at the end of June, but a source told The Post that the appointment faced significant delays, which led to Clarke's decision to withdraw.

Now he can add a job withdrawal merit badge to that ridiculous uniform he wears.

Clarke is a highly-vocal President Trump supporter and a regular guest on Fox News.

Clarke said in the statement he thinks his skills could be better used in a "more aggressive role".

Though Clarke said he was joining DHS last month, no formal position had been offered - and he was still serving as Milwaukee sheriff on Friday, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports.

DHS officials never officially announced he'd been offered a position. Since publicly accepting the job at DHS he has been accused of plagiarism and before that, he had come under fire for the conditions in his jails that left at least one inmate dead.

It's unclear if Sheriff Clarke will continue to lead Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, where he has served as its top cop since 2002. Clarke isn't among the seven staffers — prosecutors said he wasn't directly involved in the events that led to the death of 38-year-old Terrill Thomas — but the death happened under Clarke's leadership, which his critics say is enough cause for his firing.

Seven workers at the county jail he oversees are at the center of a criminal investigation into the dehydration death previous year of an inmate who prosecutors say was deprived of water as punishment.

Also, county auditors were looking into allegations of waste and fraud involving Clarke for his handling of an incident at Mitchell International Airport after his run-in with a 24-year-old Riverwest man on a Milwaukee flight earlier this year.

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