Explosion rocks Herat province of Afghanistan; 7 dead, 15 injured

Explosion rocks Herat province of Afghanistan; 7 dead, 15 injured

Explosion rocks Herat province of Afghanistan; 7 dead, 15 injured

All of those killed were Afghans.

The police spokesman confirmed the bomb was planted in a motorbike that detonated Tuesday near the 12th century mosque, also called the Jama Masjid of Herat.

At least 15 Afghans were killed when three back-to-back explosions ripped through a funeral Saturday held for one of the demonstrators killed during anti-government protests Friday, authorities said.

After almost 16 years, and some $1 trillion, now a billion dollars a week in US aid and 2,350 dead Americans, it seems time for Trump, a real estate man by background, to stop putting into Afghanistan good money after bad.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's main government partner said on Monday his national security adviser and other top security officials should be removed after four days of violence last week left around 100 people dead.

At least seven persons were killed as violence broke out in Afghanistan's capital on Friday after hundreds of protestors gathered near the site of this week's auto bomb attack to demand the resignation of President Ashraf Ghani's government.

"This is the last chance, take it or face the consequences", he said. "We must be strong and united". "What we need is an agreement on regional security".

"We were not the only targets, the entire diplomatic community was the target of this attack", Ghani told foreign diplomats gathered an global peace conference in Kabul.

Since the global military mission declared an end to its combat mission in 2014, the Taliban have made steady gains.

Ghani also said up to 75,000 Afghans lost their lives during the last two years in the ongoing violence in the country. Pakistan's military in turn has also blamed Afghanistan of harboring insurgents it said were responsible for a spate of bombings in February.

The push for a new peace process comes as U.S. President Donald Trump has yet to announce his plans for the region, with at least 8,400 American troops training Afghan forces and conducting counterterrorism operations.

The ambassador went on to say that the timing of the attacks on Kabul suggests those who carried them out want to sabotage any renewed effort towards a negotiated peace. "But whoever may be responsible for the latest spate of brutal attacks, the Afghan government would do better to focus on this growing threat rather than hurl baseless accusations against Pakistan", she had said.

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