Atari CEO Confirms New Game Console

Atari CEO Confirms New Game Console

Atari CEO Confirms New Game Console

Whilst Chesnais couldn't say much about Atari's new hardware, a brief video shared to the company's YouTube channel on June 8 teased a device called the Ataribox. The Atari CEO remained mum on most other details of the project.

"We're back in the hardware business", is the statement Fred Chesnais gave.

Given the success of Nintendo's NES Classic and the fact that the console appears to be the Atari 2600, it is a logical assumption that Atari is merely releasing an updated version of their modern console which will have access to the 2600's library.

KitGuru Says: I'd be happy to see another player when the next-generation consoles come into play, I just hope it doesn't follow the same disappointment that Atari brought to us with Asteroids: Outpost.

According to VentureBeat, the Ataribox will run on PC technology and a final design is still being worked on.

The company's last attempt at gaming console with Jaguar in 1993 wasn't a successful one. Maybe, that is the current aim of Atari.

It seems like a retro console is the most likely thing Atari could offer now. Apparently the Ataribox is the next step in the company's comeback. As the console brought back nostalgic games to old gamers, it introduced these classic titles to a new breed of young gamers as well.

If this is Atari's goal, it might be a suicidal mission.

It's going up against some steep competition: Microsoft recently unveiled its new Xbox One X console during E3 2017. It hasn't produced a console in about more than two decades, and even then it didn't receive the best feedbacks.

We may not know what the box will be, but we can confirm that it's entirely real.

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