Nightclub massacre bodycam video documents officer response

Nightclub massacre bodycam video documents officer response

Nightclub massacre bodycam video documents officer response

As we near the one year anniversary of attack on Pulse nightclub, the city of Orlando has released footage from police officers' bodycams that sheds new light on the terrifying events of June 12, 2016. Later in the call, the 29-year-old pledged loyalty to the Islamic State.

TMZ has caught wind of a new video obtained by the Orlando Sentinel that shows the scope and horror inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, where a lone gunman killed 49 people before killing himself.

"Come out with your hands up, or you will die", an officer shouts to the gunman in one of the videos.

The footage also shows officers getting victims to crawl out of the club-in some cases frisking patrons to ensure they were not one of the assailants.

The videos were released Wednesday to ABC News (, the Orlando Sentinel ( and the newspaper's news partner, Fox 35.

Forty-nine people were killed during the massacre and dozens more were injured. "Let me see your hands now or you will die!"

"Hands up, both hands, put your hands up", the officer says off-camera. "We've got him contained in the bathroom".

Police have released 11 hours of footage of showing armed police hunting down the gunman with guns and flashlights in the popular gay nightclub, which was packed with patrons before Mateen opened fire.

"We can't; there's more victims in there".

Roger Brennan, the police department's commander on the scene, said: "Several of us commented that this was gonna change the city forever, and probably change what we do forever". "We took 22 people out of the front bathroom".

Police body cam video, which includes some graphic images, shows officers racing to the scene of the nightclub shooting.

"Get the fuck on my right!" one officer screams at another as they advance through the building.

Later, an officer realises that the massacre is an act of terrorism.

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