European Union says Trump agrees that Brexit 'an incident, not a threat'

Standing before fellow presidents and prime ministers of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries at the global group's new headquarters in Brussels, Trump at one point even suggested he was frustrated with the body's decision to construct a new building. When Trump tried to lighten the mood with a joke about NATO's gleaming new home base - "I never asked once what the new NATO Headquarters cost" - there was no laughter from his counterparts.

President Donald Trump is in the midst of the G-7 summit in Sicily.

Asked about Trump not explicitly affirming US support for Article 5, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said: "It goes without saying".

In the speech, Trump gave no specific commitment to Article 5, the collective security provision that has been invoked only once - following the September 2001 attacks.

President Donald Trump opened meetings with European Union leaders yesterday against the backdrop of striking anger from Britain over intelligence leaks and a decision by Manchester police to withhold information from the United States about the investigation into this week's bombing.

It had, he said, also been agreed to adopt an "action plan" created to enhance NATO's contributions while alliance leaders also chose to increase support to the US -led Global Coalition to defeat the Islamic State (IS).

At NATO's gleaming new headquarters, Trump returned to his longstanding call for member nations to pay their fair share, lecturing leaders like German chancellor Angela Merkel and new French President Emmanuel Macron about contributing more as they stood listening in awkward silence.

"We must be tough, we must be strong, and we must be vigilant".

Referring to Trump's talk of money next to the 9-11 memorial, Stoltenberg said: "He [Trump] was blunt on that message today and we have seen this plain speaking from the president also before".

All six major industrialized powers are trying to convince Mr. Trump of the merits of free trade, and the global threat of climate change.

Leaders are expected to urge Trump to stick with the 2015 Paris Agreement, but the president has not yet decided, CBS News reported.

The shove is one of several body language-related viral moments to emerge from Trump's first visit overseas as president. French President Emmanuel Macron, Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni, who is serving as host, and British Prime Minister Theresa May are also making their debut, and the meeting is the first since the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union, which is also represented at the gathering.

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