Jeremy Corbyn rules out deal with SNP in hung Parliament

Jeremy Corbyn rules out deal with SNP in hung Parliament

Jeremy Corbyn rules out deal with SNP in hung Parliament

As Mr Corbyn continues to face scrutiny over his position on terror and security issues, the Daily Telegraph reports that he has been condemned by his own party for attending a wreath-laying ceremony at the grave of a Palestinian terrorist.

Nicola Sturgeon is more interested in another independence referendum than opposing austerity or standing up against the Tories.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out a coalition between a Labour government and the SNP after 9 June.

The Scottish First Minister and SNP leader said that she did not think Labour's leader Jeremy Corbyn was "credible as an alternative prime minister".

"Only Labour or the Tories can win this election and voting Labour is the only way to remove Theresa May from office and build a Scotland for the many, not the few".

Mr Corbyn was asked: "Theresa May says now is not the time for another independence referendum". As Adam Boulton points out today, the Tories haven't tried to revisit that image, but Nicola Sturgeon might have helped them along.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Ms Sturgeon said that both the Tories' and Labour's economic plans had "unravelled" under scrutiny from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

He replied: "I'll obviously open discussions with the Government in Scotland and listen very carefully to what the Scottish Parliament says". However, they have also rejected independence from the United Kingdom in a 2015 referendum.

Labour's manifesto says the party opposes a second referendum. One, Scotland cannot be dragged back to another independence referendum when we don't know what the options look like because we don't know what Brexit looks like, we don't know what independence looks like because Nicola Sturgeon can't even tell us if we'd be in or out of the EU or EFTA (the European Free Trade Association) or something else.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson insisted there will not be a second referendum on independence "anytime soon" as she accused the SNP of "quietly ditching" the policy as a campaign tool in the General Election.

She added: "We know that the Labour Party in Scotland has done deals with the SNP to put them in power in town halls across the country, now we've got Nicola Sturgeon saying she wants to do a deal with Labour to put Jeremy Corbyn in charge of the country".

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