Volvo Partners With Google For Android-Based Car Tech

Volvo Partners With Google For Android-Based Car Tech

Volvo Partners With Google For Android-Based Car Tech

But there are still many questions left to be answered, like whether there will be any difference in between the apps for Android Automotive and Android Auto. While many Android fans have historically preferred a "stock" Google experience it's not almost as big a deal in the vehicle.

Google says new cars from Audi and Volvo will have a version of its android operating system built in, allowing drivers to use their voice to control things like the air conditioning, sunroof and windows.

The vehicle industry has been connected to the internet and has been using smart interface for several years now, but there have been some notable developments in this regard, which has to do with Android Auto.

Some of the new features of the system include the ability to serve Google Maps, while also giving the operator the ability to continue with Audi's HERE system if they choose. The Stuttgart, Germany-based carmaker just supports Google's handset projection standard on its most recent series of cars and is relied upon to expand its support for the environment later on.

This Volvo V90 prototype uses Android to power its infotainment system.

The interior of Audi's Android-equipped Q8.In Audi's Q8, the infotainment system panel featured a tile-based interface - all the easier to quickly tap a selection without taking your eyes off the road.

Speaking to The Irish Times, Ödgärd Andersson, vice-president of electrics, electronics and chassis at Volvo, said with the advent of autonomous cars, manufacturers like Volvo are increasingly tapping the potential for infotainment systems and apps for occupants who no longer have to focus on driving. The apps on your phone appear via Android's preset templates that are designed specifically for vehicle usage (it won't recreate apps that are necessarily visual distractions, like YouTube).

How will drivers control these actions? But those plans are clearly in motion to make Android more of a presence in our cars.

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