VIP culture of beacon lights to end from May 1: Gadkari

VIP culture of beacon lights to end from May 1: Gadkari

VIP culture of beacon lights to end from May 1: Gadkari

The Centre's move follows decisions by the Uttar Pradesh and Punjab chief ministers, Yogi Adityanath and Captain Amarinder Singh, to discard beacons from official cars in their states.

"From May 1, no red beacon will be allowed atop any official vehicle".

This move is directly in line with the Prime Minister's vision of a transparent government, where no leaders enjoy additional benefits.

Earlier in April, Modi went to Delhi Airport to meet his Bangladeshi counterpart, Sheikh Hasina, "in normal traffic", according to reports in the Indian media.

There are some procedures the government would have to take before the new rules come into effect, Gadkari said. It advised the Centre and states later to amend the motor vehicles act to trim the list of people who can use beacons. However, there are several exceptions from this rule, including "a vehicle carrying high dignitaries as specified by the Central Government or the State Government, as the case may be, from time to time". Blue light will be used only for emergency vehicles in the country... "Glad that today a strong beginning has been made", Prime Minister said in response to another tweet.

And rest of the VIPs including union and state ministers, judges, bureaucrats who use red beacons on their cars will have to remove them.

The decision also intends to strengthen democratic values in the country, he said.

"This government is a government of common masses and thus we have chose to abolish the VIP culture of beacon lights and sirens", he said.

Announcing the Union Cabinet decision, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said "Every Indian is special, Every Indian is a VIP". They have no relevance whatsoever, it added.

He further said the use of sirens by ministers is not legal as these can be used only by pilot police vehicles.

The Union Cabinet today banned ministers and officials from using red beacons or lal batti on their cars. "PM @narendramodi ji's decision is a welcome step towards reaffirming our belief in #EveryoneVIPinNewIndia".

The move comes after UP and Punjab CMs, Yogi Adityanath and Amarinder Singh made a decision to give up on the red beacons for their respective cars.

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