Samsung joins Amazon for HDR tech

Samsung joins Amazon for HDR tech

Samsung joins Amazon for HDR tech

Amazon Video is the first streaming video service that will implement HDR10+ technology to deliver a new source of high-quality digital video to Prime Video customers, the company said.

If that sounds familiar it is because dynamic metadata is one of the key advantages of the Dolby Vision HDR format that Samsung is specifically targeting. As a result, image quality may not be optimal in some scenes.

HDR10 Plus is an evolution of HDR10 TV technology, and has been developed by Samsung. This allows the TV to adjust brightness levels on a broadcast to each scene, or even each frame, aiming for a more accurate representation of how the scene "should" look.

The latest models of Samsung Electronics' QLED TVs and UHD TVs will provide video content through the Amazon app based on the HDR technology.

All of Samsung's 2017 UHD TVs, including its premium QLED TV lineup, support HDR10+.

"Together with Samsung, we are excited to offer customers an enhanced viewing experience on a broad range of devices", says Greg Hart, vice president, Amazon Video Worldwide. With the move to HDR 10+, Amazon Video is the first streaming service provider to begin development of the standard for its audiences. The tech giant stated that the new standard comes in to supplement HDR10 shortcomings in which some movie pats appear darker that the creator of the content anticipated.

Samsung Electronics Co. said Thursday it has joined forces with U.S. retail and entertainment giant Inc. for High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology to deliver quality video content through its televisions. Samsung has also partnered with YouTube and other companies that can deliver HDR content and integrate it into its products.

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