North Korea threatens 'super-mighty' strike on U.S.

North Korea threatens 'super-mighty' strike on U.S.

North Korea threatens 'super-mighty' strike on U.S.

The threat comes after Vice President Mike Pence declared earlier this week that the "era of strategic patience" with North Korea is over.

The UN Security Council failed to adopt a statement condemning the missile test conducted by North Korea on April 15 because of disagreements between Russian Federation and the United States. "I think at the end of the day we realized North Korea is a problem and no one on the council wants to see North Korea move forward with any sort of testing or strikes ... and if we have to start looking at sanctions or other actions we will". Such statements are agreed by consensus.

North Korea back then committed to dismantling its Yongbyon nuclear power plant, but in 2009 launched a space rocket with technology that could be used for a long-range missile, prompting condemnation from the United Nations Security Council as well as the return to diplomatic isolation.

North Korea has been under United Nations sanctions aimed at impeding the development of its nuclear and missile programs since 2006.

Previous statements that condemned the reclusive state's activities were thought to have been welcomed by all the member-states of the council as the draft had called for peaceful resolutions "through dialogue". The latest draft statement dropped "through dialogue" and Russian Federation requested it be included again.

"When we requested to restore the agreed language that was of political importance and expressed commitment to continue to work on the draft. the USA delegation without providing any explanations cancelled the work on the draft", the Russian UN mission said in a statement.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said China believed in the Security Council maintaining unity.

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley stressed that the burden is on North Korea to prevent an escalation.

Council members emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and security on the Korean peninsula and in northeast Asia and working "to reduce tensions in the Korean peninsula and beyond".

China's influential Global Times newspaper, which is published by the People's Daily, the Communist Party's official paper, wondered whether the misdirection was deliberate.

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