Katy Perry slammed for 'offensive' Hindu goddess Instagram post

Katy Perry slammed for 'offensive' Hindu goddess Instagram post

Katy Perry slammed for 'offensive' Hindu goddess Instagram post

American singer Katy Perry became a victim of online trolls when she posted an image of Indian Goddess Kali on social media to depict her "current mood".

"F**k you Perry why are you insulting my religion", another user wrote.

What Katy Perry thought was just another innocent Instagram picture completely blew up in her face.

The California Girls singer was attacked by followers who accused her of being "disrespectful" and "insulting". I m Hindu, Bengali specifically.

Defenders both Hindu and otherwise said that the image didn't bother them, and that Perry was merely expressing the feeling of female empowerment that Kali Maa represents.

"Well im an indian and Hindu also.this is not offensive at all.some people get offended so easily", a use wrote.

Instagram comments on Katy Perry's Instagram about Hindu god

Some of the comments read, "Listen up Kitty Katty.Let me ask you a Question". Shouldn't we be proud that our culture is recognized (sp) around the world?

In 2010, she married comedian Russell Brand in a private Hindu ceremony in an Indian national park in Rajasthan. The wedding included traditional South Asian clothing, a Bollywood-themed party, a bharat (a South Asian wedding procession), and readings of Hindu scriptures.

In a 2013 interview with Marie Claire, the singer explained that she doesn't align herself with a particular religion.

"'I pray all the time - for self-control, for humility".

In contrast, Miley Cyrus recently posted a picture on Instagram of her celebrating a Hindu holiday by performing Lakshmi Puja, which many fans praised as an appropriate representation and practice of the faith.

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