Fresno killer showed no remorse in interviews

Fresno killer showed no remorse in interviews

Fresno killer showed no remorse in interviews

- Hispanic man runs in a north western direction on Yosemite, hops a fence and empties the gun into a backyard of a house, continues north from the area. A memorial of candles and flowers honors victims of Tuesday's shooting outside Catholic Charities Wednesday, April 19, 2017 in Fresno, Calif. Mark Gassett, 37, of Fresno, had just picked up groceries at a Catholi.

Hours before the shootings, police had issued a news release saying Muhammad, who was suspected in the shooting death of a white security guard last week, was armed and risky.

Police say Muhammad randomly targeted white men he encountered in a tree-lined Fresno neighborhood, firing 17 rounds within a few minutes before running out of ammunition, police said.

Prosecutors say the suspect in a racially motivated shooting rampage in Fresno could be arraigned on murder charges by the end of the week.

When speaking to his mother Tuesday, Dyer said, Muhammad told her not to cry because "he is still alive, his magic is powerful, and then he started laughing". Wright says he expects the arraignment will be scheduled for Friday.

The gunman shot a PG&E truck passenger and two other men in downtown Fresno, Dyer said.

Zackary Randalls, who was married with two children, is seen in an image provided by the Fresno Police Department.

He said his friend, who left behind two preschoolers and a wife in Clovis, would not want people to feel anger toward the shooter.

The posts also link to an iTunes page named B-God Mac Sun, which has pictures of Muhammad and two albums apparently recorded by the suspected killer.

Valencia called Randalls "one of the wittiest people he's ever known", saying the two loved to laugh. The victim's co-worker drove him to police headquarters, but Randalls died.

The final victim was shot dead in the auto park of a charity building. His identity wasn't released.

"Kori Muhammad is a very calloused individual".

In the second incident of a random shooting in America, the streets of Fresno, California, were gripped in fear by a man who called himself "Black Jesus".

Muhammad was identified as a suspect in the murder of security guard Carl Williams at the Motel 6 in Fresno on Sunday after surveillance footage captured the killing on tape.

In 2005, after being indicted on drug charges in Fresno, Muhammad was ultimately ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial, as the LA Times reports. The suspect showed no remorse, police said.

On social media, Muhammad referred to white people as "devils".

Kori Ali Muhammad is in custody and is expected to be charged with four counts of murder. Another 59-year-old white man was shot at but not struck.

With his three victims dying on the pavement, Muhammad surrendered.

Muhammad's father, Vincent Taylor, told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday that his son believed that he was part of an ongoing war between whites and blacks, and that "a battle was about to take place".

Muhammad told police that after the Motel 6 shooting, he climbed to the roof of a nearby 7-11 store and hid there overnight, watching as detectives investigated the shooting scene.

The slain men are believed to have had no connection to Muhammad.

FRESNO, California- Three men were killed Tuesday all by the same gunman.

Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, was arrested shortly after the rampage, whose victims were all white, police said.

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