Contentious election law bill up for public hearing in House

They anxious it creates policy when there is no guarantee the Legislature will pass adequate funding to cover it as the House and Senate continue to hammer out the 2018-2019 state budget before the legislative session ends next month.

"While our system is lawful, it is very bad", said Republican Representative Dan Huberty, who chairs the House Education Committee.

"Who do you serve?"

Simmons said he wrote the bill in response to concerns he's heard from some of the people he represents.

"Multiple state laws already criminalize the conduct that some legislators seek to regulate through passage of this bill".

A spokesperson for Democratic Governor Steve Bullock says the governor will take a close look at the legislation if it reaches his desk, but strongly believes a woman's medical decisions should stay between herself, her family, and her faith.

Flagler County Attorney Al Hadeed is expected to travel to Tallahassee to speak out against the bill, which would strip local governments of their home-rule powers to regulate short-term vacation rentals in residential communities.

Bakk said Dayton has an advantage this year, in that most of the surplus is in his tax bill.

"The voters voted overwhelmingly that they wanted background checks, they wanted fingerprinting, they wanted to do it a certain way, they want to do it the way the City of Austin wants to do it and it was a 60-40 percent vote", said State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, D-Austin.

"There is agreement between the majority of the House and Senate that the smoking of cannabis is not an act that is consistent with a healthy life and not consistent with consuming medicine", Bradley said. The house continues to push a 90-day delay in receiving medical marijuana after being prescribed.

Testimony on the Texas House's bathroom bill began late Wednesday and continued into the early hours of Thursday morning, mirroring the hours-long public testimony last month in opposition to Senate Bill 6.

"If this is now a medicine and the voters decided it was a medicine, we need to make it available", said Representative Moskowitz.

"Since that time, we've seen an insane or obscene amount of ordinances to the point where individuals' private property rights have been violated", Steube said.

The House bill was approved by the appropriations committee and has one more committee stop before hitting the House floor.

"I want to respect the integrity of our conversations, and so I'll leave it at that we're making significant progress on a lot of the issues dealing with patient access and I'm confident that we're going to come to a conclusion in short order", he said. Bakk said the official end date of the session provides leverage for negotiations between the House and Senate and Democrats and Republicans.

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