Facebook CEO sees augmented reality's future in the camera

Facebook CEO sees augmented reality's future in the camera

Facebook CEO sees augmented reality's future in the camera

So Messenger is launching a discovery tab and new QR codes that directly put users in conversation with a bot. "QR codes are big in messaging apps in Asia but haven't caught on here in the United States, including when Messenger has tried them before".

Building on the launch of chatbots on Messenger at F8 previous year, Facebook announced the new Discover tab, to find recently used bots, popular "experiences" and search for businesses.

You can check out all the offerings by Facebook's Camera Effects Platform here. Now, Zuckerberg said, Facebook is going to roll out tools to allow developers to create augmented reality experiences that can be reached through that photo feature. "I'm confident this is going to push augmented reality forward". A beta version of the Camera Effects Platform will be available later today.

Zuckerberg also predicted the advent of augmented reality street art, and suggested that as technology makes people working in traditional jobs more productive, more and more people will contribute to society through the arts.

"Some of these effects are going to be fun", CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on stage at the developer conference, adding that "others are going to be useful".

More announcements will be made during the two-day conference, including the company's first social virtual reality product and Building 8, technology Facebook is working on that moves way beyond augmented reality into allowing people to communicate with only their minds. Back then, the site only had 24 million active users, the "like" button didn't even exist and the tech firm wasn't a publicly traded company.

The technology giant's chief executive said "our hearts go out to the friends and family" of Mr Godwin, who was shot dead by Steve Stephens in the USA city of Cleveland in Sunday in an apparent random killing. Recently the company has launched stories on its platform. Zuckerberg added: "We see the beginning of a new platform".

Zuckerberg said augmented reality will have three important use cases.

"We are not using preliminary tools today because we prefer preliminary tools, we are using preliminary tools because we are still early in the journey to create better ones", Zuckerberg said.

The US man wanted for killing Godwin in OH and then posting a video of the murder on Facebook fatally shot himself Tuesday after a brief pursuit in neighboring Pennsylvania, police said.

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