Ann Coulter vows to speak at Berkeley despite cancellation

Coulter told THR that before they canceled her, Berkeley administrators insisted that she agree to a list of demands prior to her engagement, and that she accepted their terms.

In light of these events, university officials said in a letter to the campus Republican group that had invited Coulter to speak that it had canceled her speech over worries that it may fuel backlash the way Yiannopoulos' scheduled appearance had.

Conservative author Ann Coulter said she would attend her speech at the University of California-Berkeley, even though the administration canceled it.

She continued: "They just up and announced that I was prohibited from speaking anyway".

Members of the campus Republican group did not immediately respond to the development. For that reason, when we learned through the newspapers that you had invited Ms. Coulter to speak here on April 27th, we immediately asked UCPD to conduct a comprehensive review of potential sites and security arrangements.

UC Berkeley officials say they were unable to find "a safe and suitable" venue for the right-wing provocateur.

The group lashed out in its statement, accusing university officials of misusing taxpayer money for an "unconstitutional purpose" and comparing Biddy and UC President Janet Napolitano to North Korea's authoritarian leader Kim Jong Un. The event raised concerns of more violence at Berkeley, where masked rioters smashed windows, set fires and shut down an appearance by former Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos in February.

"I WILL BE SPEAKING NEXT THURSDAY", the right-wing commentator tweeted, calling the move to cancel her planned event on April 27 a ban on free speech.

Tucker Carlson criticized the school for claiming they respected the First Amendment while deciding to strip Coulter of her's. UC Bekeley's spokesperson would not speculate about safety, but did say the university has an unwavering commitment to provide security for the campus and students.

"Given current active security threats, it is not possible to assure that the event could be held successfully", the letter read. "There are several locations we have secured and are making sure are safe before we commit to those locations", Tahmas said.

In its letter, the university said the students and officials could work together to reschedule the event for a later date.

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