Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs iPhone 7 And More Speed Test

With that said, taking either apart is not a simple task, as the adhesive holding the panels of both devices needs a lot of heat before it becomes soft enough so that it can be pried open.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will hit stores next week. But some people are already finding problems with the display.

One user said, "After I read articles that there are many reddish panels, I checked mine". The device goes on sale in U.S., South Korea and Canada on Friday.

Image Source: jiweon5368 / Instagram (screenshot)What's causing the problem? The LCD screens use three subpixels: red, green and blue. Those that wish to replace a battery would be better off sending the device in to a fix shop approved by Samsung or just opting for a full smartphone replacement. So as to offset the potential color balance problem of too much green, Samsung strengthened the red color. The tech is said to make the usual whites look reddish and can be solved only through software calibration. A fact that has been confirmed by Philip Berne, one of the company's manager in the US. However it seems that some of these users are reporting some issues with the phone's display, namely how it appears to sport a reddish tint.

Meanwhile, Samsung has reportedly set an all-time high target for its Galaxy S8 sales, gunning to sell at least 60 million units. Be reminded that Bixby will be launching on the Galaxy S8 without voice support, which is possibly the most important core feature of an "assistant" such as Siri and Google Assistant, according to The Verge. A company spokesperson was quoted as saying that the red tint has nothing to do with a faulty display or another hardware issue.

The Korea Herald reports that consumers have also complained about the Bixby button being limited only to the operation of Samsung's new voice assistant.

However, XDA developers reported on Monday that a new update for Galaxy S8 removes the ability to remap the Bixby button.

Once the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has been fully updated with the Android 7.0 Nougat, owners of the tablet can expect their devices to come with a new UX and a few new other features.

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