Coachella attendees help nab phone theft suspect using 'Find My iPhone'

Multiple phones are now listed on Coachella's docket for Weekend 1, as well as a bunch of driver licenses and a Crate & Barrel shopping bag packed with a dozen champagne glasses.

Thirty-six-year-old Reinaldo De Jesus Henao of NY was arrested for possession of stolen property after security officers and police reportedly found 100-plus stolen phones in his backpack on the first day of the festival, according to Digital Trends.

Henao was arrested on suspicion of grand theft and possession of stolen property.

Several of the victims noticed their devices were missing and used the Find My Phone feature to trace them to Reinaldo De Jesus Henao.

The victims had been enjoying themselves at the three-day music and arts festival in Indio, California, over the weekend when they fell prey to opportunistic thief Henao.

"People who lost their phones, or had them stolen, were tracking it", said Little.

However, quick-witted festival-goers enabled their "Find My iPhone" feature to help locate the whereabouts of the NY native. Eventually, he was detained by security. In a statement released by the Indio Police Department, the pickpocket was apprehended and upon opening his backpack, more than 100 stolen phones were discovered inside. Some of the iPhones have been returned to their owners, while the rest have been turned over to the festival's Lost and Found service.

Police wants to remind everyone to take extra caution in crowded and unfamiliar places.

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