BMW pulls advertising from Fox News' 'O'Reilly Factor'

BMW pulls advertising from Fox News' 'O'Reilly Factor'

BMW pulls advertising from Fox News' 'O'Reilly Factor'

And while former Fox News guest Wendy Walsh isn't suing O'Reilly, she's gone public with her own sexual harassment allegations against him.

Companies have begun pulling their ads from O'Reilly's show The O'Reilly Factor - CBS puts the number of brands at 12, the list including lucrative clients Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Hyundai.

Hyundai representatives said it did not want to partner with a company which didn't respect values of inclusion and diversity.

A Fox News Channel spokesperson was not able to offer immediate comment. She said it's possible the company's ads will still run Tuesday night because the cancellation might take 24 hours to take effect.

Fox News acknowledged the advertiser defections in a statement released on Tuesday, April 4. And the investment firm T.Rowe Price said Tuesday afternoon that it had made a decision to pull its upcoming ads from the program in light of the new allegations.

O'Reilly said over the weekend he is vulnerable to lawsuits from people who threaten to cause him bad publicity unless they get paid. Visit for more information on this news.

Yet another scandal for Fox News.


A few seemed to be walking a tightrope on whether or not to redirect their advertising dollars - O'Reilly's show is one of the most viewed on cable television.

During his time at Fox, O'Reilly has swatted away controversies that would take out many others in the business.

Companies previously dropping advertising included BMW North America, Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz. In 2007, a number of advertisers, including Procter & Gamble, chose to make sure their ads stopped appearing during MSNBC's morning broadcasts of radio host Don Imus' program on that network after he made racist remarks about the Rutgers University women's basketball team. "Mr. O'Reilly is fully committed to supporting our efforts to improve the environment for all our employees at Fox News".

The lawsuit by Julie Roginsky, a political strategist who was a contributing commentator, came eight months after Ailes, a confidant of the cable network's founder Rupert Murdoch, was forced out over an earlier harassment suit.

Now allegations are coming to light against O'Reilly, showing that issues of harassment at Fox may not have been limited only to Ailes. Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly is questioning Kelly's loyalty for writing in her just-published memoir and talking about accusations that former Fox chief Roger Ailes made unwanted sexual advances on her a decade ago. Walsh appeared with her attorney, Lisa Bloom, on Monday and demanded an independent investigation into the culture of sexual harassment at Fox News.

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