Tesla Model S Price Reduced

Tesla Model S Price Reduced

Tesla Model S Price Reduced

Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S was available with a 60 kWh battery pack, the cheapest version of the auto for the owners. The all-glass roof, formerly a $1,500 option, is now included as standard equipment along with an automatic power liftgate on all Model S sedans. The high amperage charger is separate from the DC Supercharging system, and allows faster AC charging if paired with a Tesla wall connector ($550) and attached to a circuit capable of delivering 72 amps. Active Spoiler will no longer be available for the Model X. These changes follow the official discontinuation of the Model S 60 yesterday, which started at $66,000. Upgrading the Model S from 60 kWh to 75 kWh now costs just $2,000, down from $9,000. With this change, 60-kWh owners still end up saving some money compared to the new 75-kWh price. The Model S with the 75 kWh battery, for instance, has significantly more range than the 60 kWh one did. Owners who are tempted to upgrade can access the new upgrade pricing by logging into their My Tesla accounts. Oh but wait, you cannot wait forever for your favorite cars to go cheap in order to own them right?

Tesla loves rearranging its model lineups with little fanfare.

Tesla also reduced the price to "unlock" additional battery capacity in some of its older models. Pricing is also expected to meet in the middle, with a fully loaded Model 3 going for around $70,000 according to Electrek, though the base price of the vehicle will be around $35,000.

Meanwhile, the Model S 100D's MPGe ratings stand at 101 MPGe in urban settings, 102 MPGe on highway and 102 MPGe combined total.

In a statement released to Electrek, the company wrote: "Periodically we have adjusted pricing and available options to best reflect the value of our products and our customers' preferences".

Today, Tesla dropped the price of its least expensive model, the Model S 75, from $77,000 to $69,500. We expect our total average selling price to remain nearly exactly the same.

Tesla also reached out to tell us it'll increase prices slightly at the top end of the range, so that the average selling price of vehicles actually ends up being very similar to before.

If these new price drops entice you to order a Model S, you can use our referral code to save another $1,000 - bringing the base price of the Model S to $68,500.

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