Russia, Google reach $7.8 million settlement on Android case

Russia, Google reach $7.8 million settlement on Android case

Russia, Google reach $7.8 million settlement on Android case

As part of today's settlement, "Google will no longer demand exclusivity of its applications on Android-based devices in Russia", FAS said.

FAS issued the penalty in November 2015, and Google has now lost all of its appeals in the Russian courts.

As part of the latter, Google is also developing a tool that will allow users to select the default search engine. Competition breeds innovation. It's our desire to participate in a market where users can choose the best services available. Yandex now holds a 55 percent share of the search market in Russian Federation, while Google clings to a 40 percent share.

Under the settlement with the Russian antitrust watchdog FAS, Google has agreed to stop forcing smartphone makers to install the company's software on an obligatory basis.

The terms of the agreement state that Google will no longer demand exclusivity for its applications on Android devices in Russian Federation, and will not restrict manufacturers from pre-installing competing search engines or applications.

Per the terms of the settlement, Google must ditch those restrictions in the country.

The deal with Russian Federation s anti-monopoly service (FAS) came after Yandex, the country s biggest search engine, complained Google had an unfair advantage by pre-loading its search engine on Android phones. In a "few months", Google will have a home-screen search widget that will offer up any manner of search providers (yep, including Yandex) assuming they sign a commercial agreement for their inclusion in the query box. "With choice, the possibilities are endless", he said. The addition of a choice window provides users with the opportunity to choose their default search engine. FAS said that Google's policy restricted installation of applications by other developers.

"We managed to find a balance between the necessity to develop the Android ecosystem and interests of third-party developers for promoting their mobile applications and services on Android-based devices".

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