Microsoft hosting launch event on May 2 sans Surface Pro 5

Microsoft hosting launch event on May 2 sans Surface Pro 5

Microsoft hosting launch event on May 2 sans Surface Pro 5

Microsoft this week began blocking Windows 7 and 8.1 PCs equipped with the very newest processors from receiving security updates, making good on a policy it announced but did not implement a year ago. That restriction is very similar to what separated the old Surface tablets, the Surface RT and Surface 2, from regular Windows machines. Windows 10 Mobile users simply want to know what Microsoft has in mind for the platform so they know whether to finally give in themselves and buy that Samsung Galaxy S8 or Apple iPhone 7 that they've been eyeing.

Other devices that were not mentioned will not be supported and will not receive any future builds, the release note from Windows mentioned.

Microsoft will be having an event in NY on May 2, but fans expecting the unveiling of the "Surface Pro 5" will be disappointed as it will not be part of the festivities. A counterpart to Chromebook, the device now carries a rumoured moniker CloudBook would run Windows 10 Cloud which according to a patent would be able to sync user apps and files across devices.

Running other apps would required a certain change in preference Settings. The most used PC Operating System is still the Windows OS.

Now, the service has been given a major expansion with the new Dynamic Lock feature, which links to your smartphone to secure your device when you're away from the PC. It did not run a full-fledged version of Windows. It also brings some of the top features users may not have been looking for, but would most appreciate. The new featured called "Tabbed Shell" in Windows 10 will essentially add tabs to windows. Windows-powered devices, such as the Surface Pro 4 and Pro 3 devices, as well as the Lenovo Yoga Book and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, will also get the update. Compared to last month's data for the three months ending in January 2017, Windows Phone is also slighlty up in the United Kingdom (2.1%, down 6.7% year-over-year), while its market share in EU5 remained at 2.7% (down 3.3% YoY).

Users are no longer limited to a long list or a bar in their browser, as Edge now lets you manage your favourite sites easily. Microsoft truly has made a mark in the tech industry of the world, and it all started with the first Windows.

We may have confirmation that Surface Pro 5 exists and that it will be featuring Intel Kaby Lake processor, but it is still not confirmed when the tablet will be released because latest reports indicate that though there is a Microsoft event on May 2, it doesn't involve a Surface Pro 5.

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