IPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: Getting chippy; leaks & leaks; SNL on board

If the leaked design proves accurate, Samsung's Galaxy S8, arguably the most attractive smartphone on the market, might be in trouble. Unlike the iPhone 8 schematics from last week that showed a Touch ID button on the back of the device, this concept embeds Touch ID into the display. That sensor is expected to go under the phone's cover glass to let Apple remove the iPhone's current home button and create a larger display.

The latest leak reaffirms older rumors and points to a almost bezel-less front display on the upcoming smartphone.

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It has been an open secret for quite some time now that alongside the iPhone 7s and 7S Plus, a "premium" flagship 5.8-inch variant with an OLED display, for the first time in an iPhone, would be launched. Interestingly, the handset's selfie camera, microphone, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, and 3D sensor appear to be hidden underneath the panel, with only a narrow earpiece visible at the top of the screen. If Apple can't make the sensor technology play nice with OLED displays, Pacific Crest wrote after talks with suppliers, the company could wind up delaying production or scuttling fingerprint sensing on the iPhone.

Earlier, the luxury iPhone 8 cost was said to be priced not less than a whopping $1000. How about a shiny red iPhone 8? Unlike its predecessor, however, the leaks teased that the iPhone 8's primary cameras would follow a vertical arrangement.

The iPhone 8 has hit rumor mills again, this time in the form of a couple of renders by Weibo leakster KK.

Apple devices are known to be elegant yet sturdy, and a new report from ValueWalk, citing Tech Stuff, suggests that the upcoming device may take a step ahead and float in water.

Touch ID Removal: A new report claims that the iPhone 8 may not come with Touch ID, 9to5Mac notes.

All eyes might be on the Apple iPhone 6s right now as Apple confirm that there is an issue with the device but on the bright side, they did agree to compensate their customers for the faulty Apple iPhone 6s so things should get sorted out real soon.

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