Alex Jones' Lawyer Calls His Client a 'Performance Artist'

Alex Jones' Lawyer Calls His Client a 'Performance Artist'

Alex Jones' Lawyer Calls His Client a 'Performance Artist'

Alex Jones has earned a reputation for being a bellicose conspiracy theorist who routinely shares some deeply odd ideas with his broadcast audience.

"He's playing a character", attorney Randall Wilhite argued at a pretrial hearing, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Well, his lawyer is now arguing in court that Jones is simply "playing a character" just like "a performance artist". Among the evidence she plans to introduce are videos from INFOWARS with their 12-year-old son who ALEX JONES said is "undoubtedly cut out for this, and I intend for him to eclipse what I've done".

Jones pays $43,000 a month to Kelly Jones, whom he divorced in 2015, the newspaper reported.

"This case is not about Infowars, and I don't want it to be about Infowars", Naranjo the presiding Judge told the top-shelf legal talent enlisted in Jones v. Jones at the last pretrial hearing Wednesday, reports "I am in control of this court, not your clients".

With the dueling opinions about who the REAL Alex Jones is, it appears that a jury will make the ultimate decision on that truth. Alex Jones himself, in an attempt of wrangle out of possible felony charges after threatening to assault a U.S. Congressman, recently said on-air his comments were "clearly tongue-in-cheek and basically art performance, as I do in my rants, which I admit I do, as a form of art". Adam Schiff and a challenge to fight actor Alec Baldwin. That led to a gunman from North Carolina visiting the restaurant last December, saying he wanted to investigate Jones's bogus claim. "He broadcasts from home".

"He's not a stable person", said Kelly Jones, according to the Statesman. "The children are there, watching him broadcast", she added.

Millions of people watch Alex Jones, and certainly seem to believe him. His father has called the boy "a good little knight who's going to grow up, I know, to be a great fighter against the enemy".

Then, they played a video of a conversation between Jones and Republican strategist and Trump associate Roger Stone that, according to the Statesman, "quickly escalated into an expletive-studded, gay-bashing rant by Jones directed at Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee investigation of Trump's Russian Federation ties".

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