Samsung Galaxy S8+ prototype unit features dual-camera lens setup

He did this by registering his face on one of the Galaxy S8 units displayed at Samsung's showroom. Everyone's talking about the "infinite" display and the other updates.

This is something that can be fixed with software before the phone actually makes it into users' hands, but it's concerning that Samsung allowed a feature this easily fooled to appear at the launch.

Samsung's newest biometric security feature is certainly cool - but it has a critical weakness. You can activate it by pressing a button on the side of the phone. Regardless, images and a video depicting several Galaxy S8 Plus prototypes boasting a dual camera setup can be seen below, and the devices shown in them aren't particularly eye-catching compared to how the official handset looks like. There is also a face recognition system to unlock the mobile device so fingerprint scanner may not be too necessary.

According to CNET, the device fits comfortably in the palm - much better than the LG G6 which came with similar proportions but lacked in the curved screen.

Autofocus Front Camera: The regular camera has remained more or less the same, besides for some minor improvements. The back camera has no bump, and fits seamlessly with the glass back of the phone. Along with the flagships, the company also launched an all new DeX Station. This means that you can use keyboard shortcuts along with gestures like drag and drop to work on your files. People hoped, however, that Samsung had managed to improve on the feature.

The price of the dock is relatively affordable, but when you factor in the $800 you're going to spend on the phone, it becomes an expensive investment.

It's rather concerning if confirmed, so what does Samsung have to say about it then?

There is also a Samsung S8 Microsoft version. Microsoft has been heavily pushing its services with Android apps lately, and the Galaxy S8 already comes with a couple of Microsoft apps, like Office. So it is unclear whether this phone will get the same name as mentioned or not.

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