Pokemon Go's Easter event goes live in Taiwan

Pokemon Go's Easter event goes live in Taiwan

Pokemon Go's Easter event goes live in Taiwan

Pokemon Go developer Niantic will be pleased to hear the results of a brand new study. Players are encouraged to go out and hunt for some Eggs in the area because it will hatch an increased variety of Pokemon, especially the two-kilometer ones.

The free-to-play augmented reality game "Pokemon Go", which allows players to catch virtual monsters, was launched on July 6 past year and arrived in Taiwan on August 6.

According to the study's author James Alex Bonus, "The more people were playing, the more they were engaging in behaviors that reflected making new connections - making Facebook friends, introducing themselves to someone new, exchanging phone numbers with someone, or spending more time with old friends and learning new things about them".

Bonus suggested that more organisations should look to this medium as a way of improving life experiences.

With Easter around the corner, a Pokemon Go Easter event is starting up and promises a lot of new Pokemon being offered. "Pokemon GO" has just kickstarted its latest event called Eggstravaganza and, as expected, it's all about eggs.

"Pokemon Go" players can also find lucky eggs in the "Eggstravaganza" Event. Most of the special Eggstravaganza eggs have Pokemon that typically hatch from 10 KM eggs, but we've learned that some players are still getting 5 KM and 10 KMs eggs as well. Lucky Eggs will also be 50% off in the in-game shop during the event. "Each and every award Pokemon Go has won is a testament to the game's awesome and supportive community". Rumors say hatches will include some rare Pokemon: Lapras, Snorlax, and so on (usually 10KM+).

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