What's Going on With the iPhone 5 and 5C?

What's Going on With the iPhone 5 and 5C?

What's Going on With the iPhone 5 and 5C?

There are only two ways out - either you will need to downgrade to iOS 10.2.1 or jailbreak your phone, when the software to perform it is available. Apple's move to discontinue their support midway through the iOS 10's cycle is a bit unorthodox (or maybe you have some other words for it).

Apple is expected announce its next, 64-bit device only iOS 11 update at the World Wide Developers Conference in June.

It has been reported that the release of Apple's next version of its mobile operating system, called iOS 11 could render around 200,000 32-bit apps obsolete. And with the arrival of iOS 10.3, it increased the severity of the warning. There are still support for 32-bit apps but even some of the apps are being abandoned by the developers.

The Cupertino-based giant appeared to have made a decision to phase out 32-bit devices like iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c from its OS updates and shift to 64-bit handsets. The prompt also detailed that the app needs an update by the developer.

The pop-up notification tells the users to update the app or else it wouldn't function with future versions of iOS. Since the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c are 32-bit devices, that would preclude them from the update. This brings up the list of 32-bit apps on your iPhone. This move also comes from the fact that Apple's plan to remove the apps that are dead or problematic apps from the App Store and focus on app quality over catalog quantity.

Once you have the iOS 10.3 update installed, go to Settings General About Applications. Every iPhone and iPad released since then has been powered by a 64-bit version of AAPL's AX processors. As iOS 11's release draws closer, the developers must have the updates all ready for you.

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