Rolling Stone, Eramo reach settlement in defamation case

Rolling Stone, Eramo reach settlement in defamation case

Rolling Stone, Eramo reach settlement in defamation case

Rolling Stone called the settlement an "amicable resolution".

The settlement now ends the case.

Eramo had alleged the botched article portrayed her as indifferent to victims of sexual assault. Earlier, the jury found the magazine and reporter Sabrina Erdely responsible for defamation against Eramo stemming from Erdely's November 2014 article "A Rape on Campus".

Eramo testified that she faced threats, lost professional credibility and lost her ability to work as an advocate for sexual-assault prevention.

An investigation by The Washington Post showed that aspects of the account were not true.

UVA administrator Nicole Eramo filed notice late Tuesday in federal court in Virginia that she was dropping her lawsuit against Rolling Stone, the magazine's parent company Wenner Media, and reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

Rolling Stone still faces another defamation lawsuit, this one involving the fraternity featured in the article, Phi Kappa Psi.

At trial last November, the publication was found liable for its controversial article about the gang rape of a freshman identified as "Jackie" at a University of Virginia campus fraternity.

Alexandria lawyer Libby Locke, who was Eramo's lawyer, released a statement Tuesday on behalf of her client.

Jackie's tale "had all the elements of a ideal story", Clare said. "It's the worst thing to ever happen to Rolling Stone". The settlement contains a stipulation whereby the parties request the court retain jurisdiction in order to render a decision.

The Cavalier Daily has reached out to lawyers for each side for comment.

"This experience has been devastating to me, both professionally and personally".

The magazine filed a motion to vacate the judgment, but agreed to settle. A federal jury a year ago awarded the administrator, Nicole P. Eramo, $3 million in damages.

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