Mel B gets restraining order against nanny Lorraine Gilles

Mel B gets restraining order against nanny Lorraine Gilles

Mel B gets restraining order against nanny Lorraine Gilles

Previously reported, the pop star, who's currently embroiled in a nasty custody battle with her estranged husband - surrounding their 6-year-old daughter Madison - claimed that in addition to having an affair with Belafonte and conceiving his child (though she had an abortion), Gilles is now attempting to extort her.

According to the terms of the restraining order, Gilles must remain a minimum of 100 yards away from Mel B, and is forbidden from harassing her. Brown claims the locker contains the tapes, as well as photos of Gilles and Belafonte, Spice Girls memorabilia and photos of her recently deceased father.

The singer filed for divorce from Belafonte last month obtained a restraining order against him a few weeks ago.

"When the degree to which Ms Brown has gone to create a false depiction of her marriage to Mr Belafonte is uncovered, real victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse will be understandably offended, angry and upset".

The lawyer said they are waiting for Mel B's lawyers to call and arrange a time and date for accessing of the storage locker. After 10 years of marriage, the singer finally made a decision to end her union by asking for a divorce and asking her husband to leave their home in Beverly Hills. The former Spice Girl is also mum to Phoenix Chi Gulzar, 18, who she had with Dutch dancer Jimmy Gulzar, and Angel Iris Murphy Brown, ten, who she had with actor Eddie Murphy in 2007.

The former childminder is also banned from removing any items from her storage locker, which is where the sex tapes, said to star Belafonte and Mel B, are allegedly being held.

Simon stepped up and told her Belafonte was "a bad guy" and "bad news" and pushed her to leave him.

He continued: "Obviously, you saw my house got raided and nobody found anything. But we'll have our day in court".

And unfortunately, it doesn't look as if the drama will be coming to an end any time soon - as it's been claimed that they could both "lose their children" as social services take a closer look into their family life.

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