David Letterman's mother, a frequent guest on his shows, dies at 95

David Letterman's mother, a frequent guest on his shows, dies at 95

David Letterman's mother, a frequent guest on his shows, dies at 95

Dorothy Mengering, a masterful pie-maker from a small town in IN who "covered" three Winter Olympics for her mischievous son, David Letterman, has died. She married Harry Letterman in 1942, before he died in 1973 of a heart attack.

During her son's tenure as host of CBS's Late Show, Mengering made frequent appearances.

It's clear just how much Mengering adored her son, with her once praising him for his "good sense of humour" to The New York Times. "I was afraid my family was gone".

She offered to bring ice skater Nancy Kerrigan hot chocolate and asked Hillary Clinton if the first lady could get the speed limit adjusted in CT. He also admitted to not having told, at the time, his now-13-year-old son about the scandal.

In fact, she even published a cookbook in 1996 called "Home Cookin' with Dave's Mom" that detailed the secret recipes behind her famous pies. It serves as a fitting final tribute to Dave's mom.

Mengering's fame came when she first appeared on television in 1986 alongside her son. When I first started working at BSU, she signed books on campus.

Simply as "Dave's mom" to loyal viewers, Mengering was charming and amusing, exhibiting a clear bond with her notoriously private son every time she made an appearance. "Letterman would ask his mother about the most mundane of details - the weather in IN, the cat or what she had prepared for dinner". Letterman's publicist, Tom Keaney, confirmed to the Associated Press Mengering's death, which took place a day before Letterman's 70th birthday. She also reported from London. Scared as I've ever been in my life. "Once Jay left, I knew I had to get out", said Letterman to Zinoman about the decision to retire.

Nine years ago, Emily Rockwood became part of the family as Dorothy's personal assistant, and Dorothy loved her like another granddaughter. "If I had a stroke, I'd be hospitalized for the rest of my life", he told the Indianapolis Monthly. "Though she was an extraordinary cook, one of her favorite things to eat was the Greek pizza at Some Guys".

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