Beauty and the Beast will not return to cinemas in Kuwait

Beauty and the Beast will not return to cinemas in Kuwait

Beauty and the Beast will not return to cinemas in Kuwait

Meanwhile, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) also announced via its social media platforms stating that: "Beauty And The Beast confirmed for 30 March without cuts". This has all resulted from the pivotal "gay content" that features in the romantic drama. Many expect it to become as successful as previous films such as Cinderella and The Jungle Book. A drive-in cinema in the U.S. state of Alabama has also cancelled screenings of the film. The National Cinema Company operates 11 of Kuwait's 13 movie theaters.

"We were requested to stop the screening and further censor the movie for things that were deemed offensive by the Ministry of Information's censorship department."

After earning a whopping $170 million in its domestic opening weekend, Disney's live-action "Beauty and the Beast" is shaping up to be a monster at the box office, crossing $400 million worldwide on Tuesday.

The film sees Josh Gad star as LeFou, opposite Luke Evans' Gaston. Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon describes LeFou as "confused about his sexuality" leading towards a brief "gay moment".

For some, the lack of originality in the newer version is a problem, but it stands to reason that you wouldn't mess with the formula of the most beloved Disney classic ever too much. "In the same scene he also lifts up his shirt and shows a love bite on his tummy", Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, head of Malaysia's Film Censorship Board, told AFP last week. The film was meant to premiere on March 16 but was delayed after Disney refused to cut the content from the film, according to EDGE Media Network.

Gay sex is still illegal in Malaysia and discrimination is pervasive, with one of the lowest levels of acceptance of homosexuality by society in Asia, and in recent years the situation has arguably gotten worse.

However, it's hard to predict whether the Kuwaiti film board will follow a similar path.

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