Watch the New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer!

Watch the New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer!

Watch the New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer!

The ongoing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows run (which follows Peter, Mary Jane and their daughter in an alternate universe) is the closest you're ever gonna get.

Spider-Man Homecoming debuts on July 7, 2017 starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man, Robert Downey Jr. returning as Iron Man, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May and Michael Keaton as the Vulture. Marvel fans will recognize this organization from the comics as the one responsible for cleaning up messes left behind by superhero battles.

Iron Man arrives to help put the ship back together. What do you think of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer?

Peter: But I'm nothing without this suit.

"This is something we haven't seen before", said Holland, on the film, the first in the series to fully take place while Spider-Man is in high school. Those seemed like unusual moves at the time, but if Sony is planning its own Marvel movie universe, then the studio may want to pull back on the rights to Spidey and exclusively ensnare him in their web.

Trailers are quickly becoming loaded guns and we're never truly safe from spoilers in this age of cinema.

The report is also saying that it's not actually a good idea for Sony and Disney-Marvel to end their relationship, considering that the "Spider-Man" solo movies are expected to do well within the MCU.

With Spider-Man, this iteration of Spider-Man is slightly different. That may not make fans very happy, but we can see the logic in that. I love that his Tony Stark-designed outfit actually allows this to make sense: it's loose-fitting until it's activated.

But hey, at least they didn't show the inevitable post-credits scene, so that will be something to look forward to during the film's final few minutes.

What are your thoughts on the new trailer?

What do you think about the trailer?

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