Melania Trump, in Rare Washington Visit, Says Women Should Stand Together

Melania Trump, in Rare Washington Visit, Says Women Should Stand Together

Melania Trump, in Rare Washington Visit, Says Women Should Stand Together

During the speech, she urged women to go out and take chances as did the honorees at the State Department event.

For these reasons, she said, "We need to continue working toward gender empowerment and respect for people from all backgrounds and ethnicities, always remembering that together we are one race - the human race - and each one of us has unique gifts and talents to share with the world", she said.

Two of those countries, Syria and Yemen, are among six listed on President Donald Trump's second executive order created to bar citizens from Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

Melania Trump gave a rare speech on Wednesday.

She also said in her speech, "Wherever women are diminished, the entire world is diminished with them", which drew attention to her own husband's behavior. She recently held a luncheon at the White House for International Women's Day, although Mr Trump's daughter Ivanka has been more of a presence in meetings with heads of state and business roundtables.

Sharmin Akter, a Bangladeshi activist against early or forced marriage, is among 13 personalities across the world to receive the 2017 International Women of Courage Award on Wednesday.

"Each one of these heroic women has been an extraordinary story of courage, which must inspire each of us to also achieve more than we have ever imagined possible", she said.

First Lady Melania Trump made the case for women's "empowerment" at a ceremony Wednesday honoring a dozen women activists who overcame great odds to advance human rights around the world.

The first lady will be joined by Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas A. Shannon.

The appearance at the State Department was the latest instance of Trump's increased visibility this week. Another is Malebogo Molefhe of Botswana, a survivor of gender-based violence (she was shot eight times) who now supports women facing the same struggle.

Other women honored at the event included Sister Carolin Tahhan Fachakh of Syria and Jannat Al Ghazi, the deputy director of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq. These honorees, who have fought on the front lines against injustice are true heroes.

Her appearance Wednesday marked one of her few public forays since becoming first lady. Along with her husband, Trump hosted a bipartisan gathering of senators and their spouses at the White House Tuesday evening. She said that the First Lady is expected to have a "very busy upcoming week in D.C".

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